The Best Fried Pickles Recipe Around!

Fried Pickles Recipe

Fried Pickles Recipe?

That's right! Fried pickles are becoming a bit of a pub food, bar snack staple at lots of your favorite watering holes.

They are not only appearing in the southern United States, but all over the world! South America, Canada and parts of Europe are also catching on to the tastiness of the fried pickle recipe revolution!

This site is dedicated to providing you with the best fried pickles recipes, so you can take your pick and choose the fried pickles recipe that works best for you! We also keep an updated list of heavily discounted deep fryers and deep frying related cookbooks that you can order right now!

Feel free to try out variations of all the recipes here! You can always experiment and add your own ingredients, in fact, some of the best fried pickles recipes have come from trial and error with the ingredients.

Also, don't discount the different types of pickles that you can choose as well. There are all sorts of combinations and different types of pickles you can use for your fried pickles recipe.

Believe it or not, pickles are low in calories, contain no fat and also have other health benefits as well! Americans eat about 106 pickles EACH per year! This is mostly on hamburgers and sandwiches, but still, that is a lot of cucumber!

To get the most nutritional bang for your buck from pickles, make sure they've not been heated before. Also make sure that you read the label and buy brined pickles that contain live cultures and have not been processed with heat.

If you are feeling really frisky, you can always make your own! Home canning of pickles is quite common and there are plenty of kits online.

Check out the fried pickles recipes in the right hand menu, and get frying!